Pallet Truck Chock

Pallet Truck Chock


Our Pallet Truck Chock is a perfect cost-effective solution to secure pallet trucks while in transit. The pallet chock is made from moulded heavy-duty polyethylene and encompasses 6 rubber suction feet on the base for added grip so as to stop it from sliding off the lorry. The chock secures both wheels of the pallets truck. The chock will stop the pallet truck from moving while in transit prolong the life of the pallet truck and will also stop un wanted damage to the cargo and the sides of the vehicle

The pallet chock is angled so to make it easy to pull the pallet truck up and into the V shape of the chock thus securing it. Both wheels are able to be placed in the chock. This process is much easier than the driver having to place the pallet truck on its side or lifting it onto a tyre.

The chock is light weight, weighing only 660grams and is easily moved into position.

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