25mm Ratchet Straps with Hooks

Euroweb® 25mm “2 part” Ratchet Straps with Hooks available in yellow, blue and red webbing are used for safely securing cargo during transit. Our ratchet straps are made to a high standard are good quality and manufactured in the UK.

  • 450Kgs rated assembly strength and breaking strength of 900kg.
  • Lashing capacity of LC450daN
  • Euroweb® Cargo Tie Down Straps are manufactured and conform to the European Standard EN12195-1.
  • Wire Hooks made from Boron Steel.
  • Made with high quality 25mm Polyester Webbing
  • The ratchet buckle is made from carbon steel.
  • Available in 3m 5m and 7m assemblies
  • Custom made bespoke ratchet buckle straps can be made to order
  • Each Cargo Tie Down Strap has identification label with manufactures mark, length and working load capacity sewn into webbing strap.
  • Edge protectors and Wear Sleeves are available to protect the webbing.
  • Used for securing lighter loads.
  • Custom Cargo Straps made to order and also available in other colours

Available in the following standard sizes & colours:

  • 3 meters – Red
  • 5 meters – Blue
  • 7 meters – Yellow

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