Duplex Lifting Slings


Euroweb® flat lifting slings are made from double thickness 100% high tenacity polyester webbing and manufactured and colour coded to EN1492-1, CE marked and individually numbered. Our standard slings are made from flat polyester webbing in duplex construction, each sling has a becket eye and a laminated specification label sewn in securely and protected by the webbing. This unique design ensures that the label (and consequently the specification) is always readable and not subject to damage. We can also manufacture endless lifting slings on request. Several sling lengths are available from stock but bespoke slings can be made to customer requirements. Sling length is calculated from the top of one becket eye to the top of the other becket eye. Sling design meets all the requirements demanded in the ISO/EN 1492-1 European standard and is tested to 7:1 times its stated capacity.

Webbing provides a good alternative to lifting chains as they are more flexible, they are light weight and thus easier to manoeuvre in to position. Because of this they are easily placed around loads and also because the webbing is soft they cause minimal damage to the loads being lifted.

Euroweb® keep good stocks of lifting slings and can offer 1 tonne, 2 tonnes, 3 tonnes, 4 tonnes 5 tonnes from stock.

We can also supply slings with larger lifting capacities, such as; 6 tonne, 8 tonnes, 10 tonnes and 20 tonnes to order. Our slings are supplied with test certificates.

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