Milton pins – MPINS


Euroweb® Manhole Pipe Lifting Pins are designed specifically making the job of vertical pipe or chamber placement safe, secure, accurate and controlled.   They come in 4 sizes covering most standard designs of pipe although by far the bulk of sales are for the 32mm diameter model. Euroweb® keeps 32mm Lifting Pins in stock but 25 / 35 / 38mm Pins are available to special order with a minimum order volume of 6 pins. All Pin sizes are rated by lifting capacity and are best used in 3 or 4 pin configurations for pipe, precast tank or box structures and 32mm lifting pins for manhole covers and concrete rings.

The Safe Work Load for a 32mm Pin is 1000kg per Pin thus allowing a 3 Pin lift of 3000kg to be made lifting a maximum wall thickness of 150mm. Quick release

Only to be used in pairs or sets of 3.

Supplied with test certificate.

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